What do you consider virginity?

No vaginal.
0% (0 votes)
No anal.
0% (0 votes)
No oral.
5% (3 votes)
No sexual contact.
42% (25 votes)
Oral is okay, anal/vaginal is loss of virginity.
39% (23 votes)
Other (please specify in comments)
14% (8 votes)
Total votes: 59


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I posted this poll because so

I posted this poll because some of my friends believe that I'll forever "technically" be a virgin because to lose your virginity you have to have sex with a woman, in her vagina. I think this is stupid... I personally think that oral, anal, and vaginal are all a loss of virginity... what do you think?

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depends on your gender and the gender of ther person you're with

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Two words:

Entirely subjective. Open to interpretaion by those involved.

Personally though, I define loss of virginity as anything beyond kissing/petting.

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All I know for real
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When placed against the feeling
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When bodies meet
When fingers touch
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Cold showers.

No sexual contact. Kissing and touching and rubbing is okay. I might even give you hand jobs. But if you suck a cock or munch a rug. You're not a virgin.

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here's what I think...

ANY SEXUAL CONTACT, any at all, between two parties or more involved, including oral, anal, vaginal, etc. I would consider sex. Hell, even mutual masturbation qualifies as loss of virginity in my opinion. If two people are engaging in acts of a sexual nature, that is considered sex in my book. Thats my two cents.

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I prefer...

emotional penetration.

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agree with hellonwheels I

agree with hellonwheels


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Whatever you consider sex. Virginity is a fairly irrelevant concept all in all, and definition are up to you. I know people who count the slightest touch as sex, while I call it foreplay, or fooling around or whatever. At the same time i don't think you necessarily need penetration to loose virginity. I personally, would have to count in 'proper sex' - i.e. naked on a bed for quite a while, with both parties orgasming at some point, etc. A quickie with your trousers down in the toilets doesn't count, no matter what you do

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Some people it is vag. Some its Anal, some its oral
etc etc etc. It is up to the individual person
as to what they precieve to be a loss of virginity.
Myself I feel if a penitration occured front or
back then its lost. However oral is not in that
consideration. I feel oral is ok no matter what.
So go for it.
you are loved

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virginity is as much a mental

virginity is as much a mental thing as a physical. if you're raped you dont loose your virginity, but if you have sex, of any kind withs someone then you do, even if you dont reach orgasm,or if you regret it or any other excuse you have for it. I've never had sex with a man, i've never touched a penis and i dont ever want to but i've had sex and would definatly not concider myself a virgin

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yeah, i went to the doctor to

yeah, i went to the doctor today,and she asked the inivitable question "are you sexually active."
which leads to much confusion,
which led to a response something like this
"no, yes, i mean, no... technically... maybe?... I DONT KNOW, oK?"
and the doctor was like "....how can you not know if youre having sex?...?"

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Your feelings know it

Hi, My opinion is that virginity is lost at the point of orgasm, and if I dare to put myself forward as a romanticist I would say that its the one you Love that you lose your virginity to.