"Whats Done Is Done"

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One of my favorite quotes from macbeth, but probably not hte best topic, but hey I need insparation.

Hopefully one of you has been following my long sad tragic trail of love and loss, of honor and courage, and a deep desire to get laid. :P

Guys#1-#5 are sort of out of hte picture now, I think I still have feelings for #3 but he's running for my old spot in SCA, that and he thinks elbow is a funny word "I think he lacks what most be call "COmmon Sense". #5 is straight, and now I found out, has a child, and he's just 18 so yeah thats gone too. Guy#1 I havent talked to in a month, Guy#2 is ugly i have decided, and Guy#4 is still great, he's in two of my classes so I have fun.

So now theirs Guy#6 (Or maybe I'm on seven?), either way this guy I whos profile I'd seen on Gay.com (but then disappeared when I realized who the heck I saw), came up and said hi to me and started a whole conversation, he never talk to that was nice, Excluding Guys#1 & #2 He's next up as the most "possibly" gayest (fragment consider revising). Well now I've got to thinking, I'm try and start another covnersation and hopefully (with ALOT of luck) it will work out (hahahaha i have my doubts), but for the record, he's a good 8" taller than me (maybe 1') now sure how thats gonna work, and as for looks, he's "about" the same lvl as me.


Any Comments?

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Give me the ones you don't want.

Thats a lot of guys to be juggling. I can't even get one. Play on playa, I guess.

BTW- That's probably the blackest thing I've ever said, and ever will say.

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Well if all you want if a boyfriend no matter what then go for 6. he does sound like the most likely.
If not try elsehwere
But keep 3 an option - who the hell wants common sense? Do you still think he an 4 (or was it 2?) are an item?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"