would u have sex on a first date?

7% (4 votes)
47% (26 votes)
depends on the guy or girl
42% (23 votes)
other.....leave comment
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 55


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lil cousin

had a lil cousin who came to me bout this had no idea how to answer her, damn she's growing up fast, still remember her mom chasing her with a shoe for giving me a good hiding wen she was six, well i was 10, but damn she was big for a six yr old :P yeah so not really sure yet what to say...

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ive never turned down sex on a first date...but then again im a guy...lol
ive always been known as the town freak/whore where ever i lived but thats because i look at sex diffrently then most people....
to me its something i do 4 fun..almost a hobby..ive never limited myself to-only if im w/ a person.
in my opinion its something to do w/ friends to. or people ive just met.
so and thats why apparently im a whore/man slut

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I wouldn't, but that's just m

I wouldn't, but that's just me. I'm not opposed to the idea though as long as everyone takes the necessary precautions, but for myself I'd want to know them better.

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No, I wouldn't. As with someo

No, I wouldn't. As with someone else who commented, I don't have anything against it provided they practice safe sex. Unsafe sex effects the entire community, not just the two (or more!) people involved, it's not fair, and it doesn't take much effort to slip a condom on.

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for me personally i couldnt h

for me personally i couldnt have sex unless i was in love with someone. i know many people would consider that extreme, but letting someone else have that much control over my body is a big deal for me, so id have to trust and love them completely.

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Well obviously it depends on the guy, the mood, how long since last time, how clean your place is etc...

I don't see any objection to it, sex is not a massive issue. But I probably wouldn't end up actually doing anything, but I don't object to it

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I did once..

It's probably not the wisest thing to do..

- but I still voted yes..

Dim ;)