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Wow, I have such a bad habbit of leaving stuff around. Despite my untidy room it's not just any stuff...

Remember last stuff I let my sister borrow my computer? Well, I didn't realise I had pictures of guys making out on... so she accidentally saw it and minimized it and pretended nothing happened.

This time its something like that, she came into my room... got a bit retarded and pointed my shaver at me. Then she saw my swiss knife and took it out and pointed at me too (in a retarded way). Yes, then she saw the blood on it and went "What the hell is this?". Argh, I took the knife from her then she walked out of the room. Meh... sometimes I feel really stupid.


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wow is right. i've never been in that sort of position before myself, but i guess all you really can do for certain is make sure you put things away now? :(
if you're parents don't know, just hope your sister won't tell. or blackmail her. either one.


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Geez Max!!!!

What is this, like the third time she's walked in on your ass while there was pics of guys on ur computer? You gots to be more careful But at least she hasn't asked you about it or told anyone or anything...Are you still cutting dude...YOU NEED TO QUIT THAT SHIT!!!! it's not fucking good for your health...Hope you're not starting up again...that would be bad...well best of luck w/ the whole sister situation...later.

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Okay dude be more subtle with the porn. I suppose it will continue to help her accept that you are gay.
And, agreeing with hellonwheels here, stop bloody cutting man! Stress can be dealt with/ignored. Cutting is well known as being the most addictive habit on earth, known as more addictive than several drugs. So stp it man! It's a waste of time, and your probably scaring the hell out of your sister.

P.S Remember to minimes your porn at all times people

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Okay, maybe I didn't word tha

Okay, maybe I didn't word that too well. She only walked in on me once when I was looking at "porn". I was saying this time when she saw my knife it was something like the "porn-incident" that I didn't want her to see.

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My mistake dude, I dind't read it properly. I am glad to see though that you have learnt your lesson about porn and the minimise button though.

I really do feel sympathy for the cutting as well. I think you should stop, and i am concerned, but at the same time I'm not going to think you're an idiot if you carry on


"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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u r 1 stupid guy. why would you cut yourself. i don't care if you were comparing it to the "porn" incident or what, cutting is bad for you, and if you think you are going to get any sympathy from anyone with this sister finding your stuff, you r totally wrong, i give you my sympathy for her finding out u r gay like that, but the whole knife thing, nothing coming from me there. You need to get some serious help.

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1. Lay off 2. He wasn't look

1. Lay off
2. He wasn't looking for sympathy.. i think. just venting what happend and writing helps. You call him an idiot for cutting at all, yet writting this could be one of his ways to cope instead of cutting. So again, read number 1.

sorry if I crossed the line with that.
and I am sorry that your sis found out that way. I am not going to tell you that you need to stop (there are other people here for that. lol) mainly because it sounds like you are trying. If you ever want to IM me you can.

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Thanks for sharing that. You

To frizzfro45:

Thanks for sharing that. You know what, I didn't post this to get sympathy and I expected posts like yours to come up. The comparison to the "porn-incident" is just to help people understand more easily. And technically it wasn't porn, it was two guys kissing. I simply wrote it because I felt the need to. And if cutting can help me deal with my pain I don't see why I would simply want someone like you to tell me to take that away.