Yeah. Diets definitely suck.

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So. Diets suck. For me...the scale tells all and nothing. Sure my clothes feel looser but the scale says "Hold on a second, you are not any thinner, stop believing that lie. RIGHT NOW!" So. There comes the end of the diet and with it a whole slew of poundage compliments of the ever popular Big Mac Meal. Then, comes a new wave of depression. Thinking, "Yeah, that sucked, I weigh more now then when I started the damn thing." This is why diets suck. That's all I have to say. Okay, Bye.

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Your clothes way you down on

Your clothes way you down on the scale, do it naked maybe. Eat less, it really helps, it helped me lose like, 20 pounds, and don't give up just b/c of the damn scale!! lol!

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Don't give up, try something ELSE

If you want to loose weight, hey that's geat. I wanted to loose weight but I went about it the wrong way. I lost... 60 lbs and feel okay... but Yes I admit I have an eating disorder. I starve myself to eating as little as possible for each day. It isn't healthy and I know I have a problem. But that doesn't mean you should do it.
Exercise more and eat only when you feel hungry. You will feel better I gaurentee. And it takes a while for the scale to move. I lost my weight over 8 months.
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I have found that at the begi

I have found that at the begining of a diet that your cloths will start to loosen fairly quickly, even if the scale says you haven't lost anything. I think it is beacuse (if you excercise) your muscles tighten and you get a leaner look even if all that was there still is. You know what I mean? I sugest that you don't use a scale, get a messureing tape (the kind that they use in clothes makeing) and mesure in inches instead of pounds.

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plus, muscle weighs twice as

plus, muscle weighs twice as much as fat, so if u r bulking up a bit, thats why
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Yes they do. My mum's always

Yes they do. My mum's always on diets. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Just try to be healthy and loose the scale. They don't give an acurate reading of health. Good luck!

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