100 good ways to come out to people

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hmm i was just thinking, why dont w all write one or two good ways to come out to people, and see if we can reach 100 good ways (or bad ways) just continue to number your good (or bad) ways to come out. I'll start! Lise

1. Write it in a poem
2. Make a phone call

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1) walk up to a random person

1) walk up to a random person of the same sex and say "heya focker! wana fuck!?"

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good ways...
tell someone you have "something to get off your chest"
drop hints so that when you do come out it isn't a total shock

bad way...
start making out with your best friend

just for the record I have not done the last one, thank you very much

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i've always wanted to try playing the game of life with a bunch of friends, and then, when you have to get married, i wanna put another girl next to mine. i was about to do it once when i played with my sister, but iwas too scared. of course then, i wasnt sure about my sexuality, but that's beside the point.

she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making

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AHAHAHAHHAHAHA THAT'S HOW I CAME OUT TO A GROUP OF MY FRIENDS!!!!!!! and it was sooo funny because it took them like 5 miniutes to figure it out. lol i love you guys (even though they will probably never read this)

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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Um let's see i guess my list

Um let's see i guess my list starts at #8

8.) leave some porn where someone else can find it (very bad way!)
9.) slap the ass of someone of your same gender (another bad way)
10.) write it on a desk (bad way)

goodness can't i think of any good ways????

11.) Write a song (well there's one)
12.) Pay a sky-writer to do it for you (not neccessarily bad....just strange)
13.) Stare at someone a little too long (bad but good if they feel the same way about you)
14.) put it on your myspace (i say bad but that's not to say that i didn't do it. But i STRONGLY RECCOMEND telling those you love and trust first)

grrrrrrrr i'll write more when i can think of some good ways!!

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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15. tell a friend who cant keep a secret (bad way...)
16. go to public event holding hands with your bf/ gf
17. wear it on a t-shirt
18. heres a revolutionary idea... how about just sitting people down and saying "i gay"

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12)Be caught at gay pride wit

12)Be caught at gay pride with your girlfriend...yeah that's what happened to my friend. She was at gay pride with her girlfriend and the news camera went to her and her girl friend and unfortunately her whole family was watching the news on which that clip was shown.

13) While listening to a good friend on a homophobic rant, just say that you are a lesbian and they will shut up.

14) yell on the PA at your school

15) Hijack an ice cream truck, and yell it from there.

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19# (depends) walk up to your

19# (depends) walk up to your best friend ( of the same sex) and pash them.
20# go to the school / coledge / university : newspapper and pay them to write a report on your gayness! (good and bad!)

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23) Run down the street shouting, "I'M GAY!!!"

24) Draw/paint a picture of two people of the same sex in love and put it up on your wall. See if anyone asks about it.

25) Put gay pride bumper stickers on your car.

26) Go to the mall with you friends, and when attractive people of the same sex walk b, point out "He/She's cute" or something of that sort.

27) Get caught looking up pictures of naked boys/girls on the internet (bad way)

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28 - Start a gay/lesbian/bi/trans/allies club at your school and promote it (that's what I did recently and it's great. I think it is not a good way to come out to your parents or really close friends, but for a wider group of people who are not so important it's great.)

29 - When people ask you abou extra-curricular activities, tell them like "o I sing in a choir, I sometimes play Samba, and I am involved with this LGBT student organization". (Of course this is only recommendable if you actually are involved with that organization. But for he rest it's really goo, again more for some distant acquaintances than for parents and close friends)

30 - Tell people about Oasismag and just naturally use all your insider knowledge about it to explain what it is about.

31 - For girls, when you're asked "Do you have a boyfriend?", answer something like "Why do you assume it should be a BOYfriend?" Or "I am actually not so much interested in BOYfriends" or something like that. (and for guys vice versa)

32 - If you're in college (or maybe high school works too), choose LGBT topic to write your paper about / do your presentation about. If course doing that does not say with 100% that you're LGBT, but still it feels good to do it. Or if your college offers these courses, pick courses related to LGBT topics I did both of them, I sometimes thought if it as my "academic coming out". Then you might get LGBT books from the library, have them lie around in your room, and people who visit you see them etc...) Then they either ask, or they understand it to mean that I am lesbian or bi, or they at least stop assuming that I am straight and consider that there are other possibilities.

33 - Go to any LGBT infrastructure (community center, bar, whatever) and tell people about it.

I guess all these ways are more adequate for casual coming outs, to acquaintances and not so close friends.

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im not out

one of my good guy friends came out by becoming the first guy cheerleader... and people started to ask...

write a letter...

sing a song...

talk to your parents about it...

or be like me and just dont come out at all

to love me is like suicide...

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good way: tell people subtly

good way: tell people subtly after dropping hints

bad way: just kiss someone you have a crush on
(although this did work for me and got me a girlfriend but worked for no one else when they asked how i got AJ so maybe its good)

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