A conversation with a homophobic friend...

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This is a section of the conversation we had on MSN... Omg I found it so funny... OMG just read it lool...

Michael says:
tht pic you have

Michael says:
is disturbing

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is that guy u'r friend coz he sounds like a total tosser!
take care

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oh he sounds like a jerk.. "p

oh he sounds like a jerk.. "please dnt be gay" sounds lyk sumthn my mum would say!


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i agree


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lol, another random messanger conversation...

I have to admit, that guy's reaction when u told him u were prolly gay was a little funny. lol. Like asking a girl out would make some1 "Ungay" . He sounds like a pretty homophobic guy, not that that's wrong or anything, I mean, he's entitled to his beliefs, but he didn't even give u a reason why he wouldn't see u the same and he didn't defend his arguments @ all. Half of the stuff he said made little or no sense. I hope u guys stay friends tho, cuz that would be a dumb reason not to be friends w/ someone anymore. Later Max. got to go to school.

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He's fun.

He sounded like fun.

What's CS?

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Yep. I know that situation...

Your friend sounds *so* cool. Oh well. He just doesn't understand. Try not to let those people bother you...

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Where do you find all these people to tlak to Max?

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