...a lil' misunderstanding

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hey...to anyone who read what i posted last about me "maybe" having a crush on my best friend...well...i was talking to her about it on friday after school and i realized that all the things that other people were thinking which was us (me and her) going out...so not true...but i guess that it got to me and i started thinking about her and yea...all that weird stuff...

but now...its sorted out and that it was nothing and i told her about it...she noticed something was wrong when i started to "ignore" her a bit...and i finally realized that i didn't have any crush on her or anything or the sort dealing with her, it was just a lil' phase that made me think that i did...

thnx again to sunny rays & y-gurl who gave me comments and in a way helped me through that lil thing :)...


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that's good babe, best friend

that's good babe, best friend crushes sucK!!!! and not in a good way either
take care

btw can you thank me especially next time you publish!? :P

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haha no problem...you'll be t

haha no problem...you'll be the first one i'll thank...
"life as you think can never get easier, but whats easier than being BI and having the best of both worlds?"