age isnt all its cracked up to be

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i turned 18 the other month. i remember thinking when i was 14 that my life would be perfect if i was only 18. i would be able to conquer anything. here i am. i'm 18. and i couldn't feel more powerless if i tried. i still haven't gotten my permit cuz i haven't been able to get a ride to the dmv. i dont have a job because i cant drive myself to and from. i'm bound in this house every night unless one of my fantastic friends is willing to haul me out of here. and i hate having to depend on them and be like "please come get me" all the time. now with graduation i've become even more depressed. i dont think i'll ever be able to do enough to feel fufilled.


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Are we the same person? But,

Are we the same person? But, wait, are you me in the future? Because I don't graduate until friday....

I actually had my permit but couldn't go get my license and then ended up selling my car and since I live a good twenty minute drive from all of my friends...yeah, I'm pretty screwed too.

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