am i a freak?

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okay i have known since like 3rd grade that i was different... i just thought then i was a tomboy... but then as i grew up... i thought i was gay... because i found females to be more atractive then males... but now... females kinda kreep me out too... i have learned im not atracted to them either... so what does that make me beside a freak...

Sometimes I wonder,
Who am I.
I don't know what I like or want,
I thought I did,
but I don't anymore.
I don't even know If I'm I or we,
I've been through so many masks,
That they've become me,
And sometimes she's me,
And I am she.
I look in the mirror and say,
'who are you?'
And the girl replies,
'I am you.'
Then I see her shadow,
She's teasing me,
coming then going,
like hide and seek.
And when I tire,
I look back in the thick glass,
And to my surprise,
Stands another.
She smiles a smile so evil,
says, 'you don't remember me?'
Then all of a sudden,
I'm there.
But Am I really,
How do I know,
When so many people have come and go.
I stare and stare,
seeing so many mes,
when the real me has never,
and will never be...
Or has she?
Who am I?
Was those people really me?


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could it be that u'r just afr

could it be that u'r just afraid of sex in general?? put it this way i dont' think u'r a freak, i think jeff is a freak

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over the past few months from

over the past few months from which ive been absent of oasis, ive started to stop think about things in terms of gay or straight... i... heh... just go with the flow... it may be that you dont like anyone, well.. wait a while see who you meet down the road a ways... dont necisarily label yourself and force yourself to live up to that label.. do as you think is best.. and live you life as you feel is right... you never know... that love of your life whether it be a he or she could just be around the corner....

And, Though we are not now, that... strength, which in old days, moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are, one equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, To Strive, To Seak, To find, And, Not To Yeild