am i falling for her? oh please no...

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okie...well i've never really look at my best friend in any other way because: 1. shes my best friend, i dont want to ruin it, and 2. shes straight and has a bf...but at a family party i saw her in a different way like how she looked when she was thinking, that gleam in her eyes when we were joking around, and just things i never noticed..god..from that day to now i cant even look at or even talk to her the same way as before..i dont know what to do i just hope this doesnt last...


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uh oh

Maybe it's one of those short term crushes that come out of nowhere and dissapear again. Maybe?

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Maybe. You'll know soon enoug

Maybe. You'll know soon enough. Maybe it was just that once. Good luck anyway.

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