Am I too old

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for this site? Hope not. Is there anyone on here who is past middle age?

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Personally, I don't see how anyone would be too old for oasis.

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Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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if you give people constructive appropriate advice

then welcome.

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no, you're not too old. Ol

no, you're not too old. Oldfoxbob is pretty old (no offence).

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aggreed with paper moth your

aggreed with paper moth your not to old, but most of us are in our teens and early 20's

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I don't think you're too old.

I don't think you're too old.welcome.

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You're welcome with me, man.

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Hey, You aren't

You're never too old! Welcome to Oasis!

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Old Fox Bob is pretty old, jeff is pretty old, adrian is somewhat old, so yeah, you could probably be on this site...

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Easy to determine...

Want to help younger fags: not too old.

Want to sleep with younger fags: too old.

I'm a totaly myspace whore (and by whore, I mean I use it to sleep with people, I'm not on it often), so ADD ME AS A FRIEND (last name Walsh)

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us twinkies love you old fags, we want you to be our suger-daddy's! plus some wrinkles in the right places are always hot, just look at sean connery, hot! and ian mckellen, hot hot hot!
the end
p.s don't kill me

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Well your a bit older than me

...but no one here cares how old you are. I am 1952
so you see....I offer a lot of advise to the younger
generation...since we older generationers, have all
been there and done that...
Welcome and as jeff said to offer advise and be friends
never too old....Want to go to bed with them and they are under age...way too old and find Nambla sites. Other wise welcome
to jeff's site and the rest of you welcome you also.

PS: Who said I'm old....Let me tell you wippersnapper
I'll get the switch out and send you to the woodshed
for your punishment...Ah...Adam might like that...nevermind

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that of common sense.

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Hell no

Hell no. Come on in oldie!

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