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I've just reread what I've written on this site, and dear lord I sound like the most emo, angst-ridden teen I've ever met. I think I'm going to try to post more on this site so that I can sound a bit more POSITIVE. For gods sake what was wrong with me. From this day forward you will be seeing a new side on me. Thank you very much.

I actually lead a relativally boring existance. Today I did the job hunting thing. Put out a few applications to fast food chains. I'm a teenager and I need MONEY. I also found out that I may be able to start drivers ed in a couple of weeks. I'm working on my package to send to my kind of girlfriend who just graduated, its rather complicated. Its more like I love her and would do anything for her while she has a boyfriend and just chooses to make out with me at random times. I guess its actually friends with benifits. She's really far away now, moving to Texas, so I'm putting together a little present to send her way. Burning a few CD's, putting together some pictures, a few souvineirs from my recent trip to new york. I think she'll like it. I also have homework to do for my summer class, but I have all weekend. I want to decorate my room. I'm seeing how far my mom will let me go before she says I'm getting too wild. My rooms turning into a 1960's flashback. I haven't met any cute girls as of late and am currently very single, so my love life is rather dead. I'm pretty much OK with that right now though. I'm going to be a senior so I've only got one more year till I have to move anyway, I couldn't have any kind of lasting relationship. I'm mostly just moping apout the lack of girls in tech schools, but I'm beginning to find a few that look promising despite the lack of dating prospects. Everythings actually going pretty well. I'm basically out of the closet at this point, except for my parents which I don't think I'm going to risk until I graduate from high school. I'm pretty comfortable with myself at this point and the increase in self confidence is helping the rest of my life.


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It's good to be more positive, and I completely
encourage it! It's just, once in a while,
we all need to let "the steam" out. So it's okay.
Good luck with finding a job and driver's ed!!

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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I figure that this is the pla

I figure that this is the place we come to vent most of the time, so usually it is more negative. Good to get those negative feelings out.