Annie On My Mind

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Has anybody else read this book? I haven't, but I've heard it's really good.

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uh huh

yeah, i read it. it's pretty good. old school, and adorable. especially...well, if you havent read it, i wont tell you...but you should

another great lesbian book is Keeping You a Secret. sooo awesome. and then there's the gay boy ones like

The Rainbow Boys Trilogy
Geography Club
Boy meets Boy
The Realm of Possibilities....has some gay stuff.

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i loved annie on my mind, and

i loved annie on my mind, and keeping you a secret for that matter. another good one is empress or the world.

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Those three that you mentioned are my top three lesbian youth fiction novels.

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I loved annie on my mind! It is such a sweet story. You must read it. I also read empress of the world which is also good, but not as deep as annie on my mind. If you haven't read it, i would definitely recomend it.

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Annie on My Mind was ok, defi

Annie on My Mind was ok, definately. It was a really nice story, and I loved the characters. I wasn't too much of a fan of the writing itself, but other than that, it was great. Good, old-school lesbian story.

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I'm definetley going to read

I'm definetley going to read annie on my mind now :

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I loved “Annie on My Mind"

I loved “Annie on My Mind" It was one of the first books I read, when I was figuring out my sexuality. I have good memories about it. Looking for it caused me to finally ventured into the local women’s bookstore. The book’s writing style is nothing special, but the story is very sweet and the characters likeable. It’s definitely a classic of lesbian fiction.

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i liked it,and also Good Moon

i liked it,and also Good Moon Rising,which is by the same author.

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Like New Moon Rising, which

Like New Moon Rising, which is the amazing coming-out Buffy episode!

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I've read it too. I thought i

I've read it too. I thought it was really good.

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i've read it and it's really good
go read it...

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I've read it. It's really rea

I've read it. It's really really good.
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I love this book I carry it a

I love this book I carry it around in my bag wherever I go seriously I love it I like Keeping You A Secret more but thats a bit big for my bag so.
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I read Annie on mt mind, and

I read Annie on mt mind, and it was really good, but I likes Keeping you a secret better:)

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I read it in like 4th grade a

I read it in like 4th grade and totally didn't get it. But it was my first lesbian book! KYAS is also really good, and good moon rising.

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It's definetly one of my favo

It's definetly one of my favorates. really sweet.

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I absolutely loved Annie On M

I absolutely loved Annie On My Mind. Loved it so much in fact that I wrote to the author, Nancy Garden, to tell her how much it affected me. Very nice lady. It's a great story, and I raelly like the writing style.
Empress of the World is also fantastic. I have read that book so many times. I love both of these books because they portray lesbians completely out of the stereotypes.

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I'm in the middle of the book

I'm in the middle of the book right now.

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Annie on my mind

I have never read this book but i want to. However i don't know how to get this book. who can help me ? I am a Chinese

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Well, you can order it off

Well, you can order it off of, I think. I don't know if they ship to China, but it's worth a try.

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library, ebay

Check your local library or ebay. If your parents know about your sexuality then you can ask them to get it for you online. Or, ask someone who does know about your sexuality to get it for you for your birthday/holiday/whenever you get gifts.

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The book

I want to read Annie On My Mind. I tried to get my friend to get it yesterday. We were at the store looking for something she could take with her to read on her trip to Alabama and I handed it to her. She gave me this look like I'd just grown a second head (there's a bad joke in there...O.o) and said in a let-me-remind-you-of-a-little-something-boy tone of voice, "I'm going to the SOUTH. WAY south."


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it's good.

This was the first book I turned to when I started questioning my sexuality. I checked it out of the library multiple times because I liked it so much. The main characters just ring true for me.

I guess if you pay attention, some things in the book are a little dated, but it's not a big deal. Actually, there was a new 25-year commemorative edition that came out... last year?? (I finally bought it the other day when my mom wasn't looking.) It has a really interesting interview with Nancy Garden included as an appendix. I highly recommend that edition for anyone who's able to buy the book.

Add me to those who liked Good Moon Rising, also. Theater nuts will like that one as the characters are all in a high school drama club!

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You dont like, what you dont

You dont like, what you dont understand.

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sorry i send by mistake

sorry i send by mistake without actually writing the comment.

Annie on my mind is an awesome story and like said from other comment s keeping you a secret is really good too. My favorite lesbian author would be radclyffee shes amazing...

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The author of Annie on my

The author of Annie on my mind is Nancy Garden I talk to her almost every month she helps me a lot-a very sweet lady! I love both Good Moon and Annie of corse Empress and Keeping you a secret were fantastic too! The author of Keeping you a secret is Julie Ann Peters and Ive read everyone of her books shes simply amazing
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Love annie

Love the book. So sweet, the week they spend at the house. Hate the prying principal though.