Another Day

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Three chic flicks and three exams later, I am emotionally drained. Now I am feeling like a child trying to find its feet, the plus side is I didn't get to go the orientation and fresher's ball. The same old lunch ladies still dispense the advice (relavent and irrelavent), the same old security officers would still wake me if I fell asleep. I guess this is one of the few summer that I do actually know what I am doing.

Weekends are now reserved for family; I became the sole carer for my grandfather. Papi only needs help in a large place like at Morrison's market and at the church. I do sometimes still complain to my roommate that I am missing Friday & Saturday nights. But I wouldn't dare bringing this up to my grandfather or my parents. I love clubnight, but I don't think I miss being promiscous that much.

I think I am sounding like I am recently widowed. I always thought I don't actually care enough my family. I think visting my grandfather everyday in hospital had given some sorta mixed blessing. It did test my loyalty and affection toward my family. I am feeling less embraressed about telling how I love my family especially in public and about displaying affection in public. We are a maturing/matured family, so we have less and time together as family. I am hoping that situation would be better for me to have sometimes alone to go out and to be with my friends.


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Hmm. Chick flicks will do tha

Hmm. Chick flicks will do that to you.

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