arround the school

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why the fuck does everybody care so dannm much if you are gay or not.. guys why don't u fuck off. it doesn't matter if i am or not. why can't you understand that. and it takes a lot of guts to come out.. and each time i tellyou im gay.. and you already no it you all spred it arround the school. like it wasn't news b4.. why can't you ppl just grow up. and leave me the fuck alone..........


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Now that you have blown off some steam want to talk
about it? I am here to console or council, That is
if you want.
Oldfox bob
you are loved.

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nah.. it's alright.. thks for

nah.. it's alright.. thks for beying there for me though.. i'm a girl by the way.. so ya.. i think your a guy right??? just gessing.. but thaks.. im just sick of all the ppl that make fun of us.. and even no they no it they still have to say shit about it. But if you ever want to talk you can come to me.. i'll b here for you 2 ... from lytnin

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and thanks. Yes I am a guy...I do a lot of counciling
here on this site as well as others. I am too old
for most of the people on these sites but I enjoy the
company of youth. Makes me feel young

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If it helps...

I don't care whether you are gay or not. :-)

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dumbkopf leute

i totally agree. al year, it has been spread that this one girl was bi, it didn't bother me, i am actually friends with her, but the part that bothered me was that one of my friends was freaking out about it, so i was really scared for her to find out about me, i didn't tell her, she found out some other way, and i have been really, really careful about who i tell, especially in a small community, if the wrong person finds out, the whole town knows, and u have a problem finding a job or something, ppl are such idiots man. i guess there are a few bi/gay ppl in my school, but they are smart enough to know who to tell, and who not to tell, so therefore i don't know who they are, or everyone but me knows, i don't hear a lot of gossip, no one likes me. jk lol

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It does get annoying but don'

It does get annoying but don't you find it just a little funny when they are totally paranoid about it? I do but then again I'm not in that situation.

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