attraction - my questioning and your answers hopefully!

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Okay so this morning i went shoe shopping with my beautiful ex, and a couple of girls. It was a lot of fun. I ended up buying these HOT stilletos in red, they match my new party dress and bag! Really the outfit screams Misha Barton.

Well i think ive developed another link towards the female gender. Why do i feal this way? I know most pople find this utterly gross but i cant help the way i feal. You have to admit though the GLBT people in Aus are screaming HOT! Its frustrating too coz ive been told im gorgouse on countless occasions then when people hear im a bi, there like 'but arent dykes ment to be ugly?' and its like noooo, some are very beautiful. Like WTF?

Why do you think hetrosexuals are so uptight about the subject? Y????


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Anybody at all? Come on guyz!

ME--> IN PINK N FRIENDS.. ME FIGHTING WITH JOSH ON COUCH = FUN Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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They probably just don't know

They probably just don't know many/any other GLBTs so they're shocked when things don't turn out like the stereotypes say they should.