Baaaaaad conversation

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I had a REALLY bad conversation with my friend Peyton yesterday. Oh my... It started off with me telling him that he was really getting annoying to me, and it had been that way since school. He says okay, that's fine, i should've told him before now. I agree, but I thought maybe being away for summer would help me calm down and get a grip, but it didn't. He's just as annoying as before, even over the internet. So I tell him... Then that leads into other things and then the next thing I know, 30 minutes later, we're talking about my cutting... Again! I know how much he hates that topic, and I keep trying to go away from it. But for some reason, he always has something to say about it. Usually it's ordering me around, telling me "you better not cut" or something along those lines. I hate being ordered and all, but I know he's just doing it cuz he cared... Then, during that conversation, he told me he would damn my cutting to hell if he could, and I said "the cutting and I are already damned to hell." Wow, I've never seen him so upset over something. He was telling me that's not true. I say if there is such of a place, I'm prolly gonna go there. But yah, enough on that topic...

My sister and brother are leaving today around noon. I must say, this weekend has been quite interesting. Apart from not getting any sleep during the night (when I need to because I'm doing community service next week so I can't sleep during the day anymore...) and getting random headaches, it's been odd. But yah, I just woke up from a nap.. I'll prolly go back to sleep here pretty soon, I'm getting tired again. But yah, that's my life for now!!


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Hey, I hope you'll be able to

Hey, I hope you'll be able to get some sleep tonight. And I don't believe there is such a place as hell.
hope you'll have a nice time doing community service. Take care :-)