Because of You

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I'm writing this about my mom, and I plan on leaving this one, plus many others somewhere for her to read, so she can finally understand that I really don't like her. I've told her and told her, but she'll never believe me, so what better way to get her to believe than some poems that I wrote? Heh. Harsh, I know. But if all of you understood what she was like, then you'd do it too... You can judge me all you want, but hey, it's my way of doing things.

You think it's a phase
And that I will change
Well guess what - it's not
And it will happen a lot
I'll have scars on my arms
That does do some harm
And guess what - it's because of you
The fights, and being here too!
I will always cut
You may think I'm a nut
I don't care
My feelings for you are bare
It's not because of a friend
Or even because of "him"
Nope, it's because of you
The fights, and being here too.
You'll never see...
Never see me
It's not from pain
There's nothing to gain
You don't care
You're feelings for me are bare
You'll never love me
Or even see
That's right - It's because of you
The fights, and being here too!!

It isn't incredibly long, much shorter than the one I wrote for my friend. That's just the one that I like the most and I figured I'd put it on here for you all to read. ^.^