Cheerleadin Camp!!??

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geez i have cheerleadin camp tommorow and im like really nervuos cuz my bestfreinds gonna be there too and one.. well both know im bi but i told on of them that i like the other and im like jeez i hope she doesnt say anything cuz she wants me to tell the other one that i have a crush on them but im like im not ready to tell cuz her moms doesnt like me cuz she knew before i told my bestfriend that i was bi and she doesnt trust me wit her daughter sayin i will mess her up or something so yeah im nervous and im also nervous cuz ive never done cheerleadin before and only doin it cuz she asked me too to yeah. tell yall bout it tommorow afterwards!!


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wow honey you rock... cheerle

wow honey you rock... cheerleading camp if only Australia had that! WOOOO!!!! have fun dont be nervoce!