Chemical Boy

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It’s a desolate wasteland;
the world I cling on to.
It’s burned on the outside
and poisoned on the inside.
Still, he’s the one I reach out to
when I go out too far.

I know you don’t understand, but let me rise over,
Chemical Boy, you are burning out my heart again.
I’m feeling so low, so bring me up again.
Chemical Boy, you are breaking me apart.

I know I love you
but it can’t go away.
We’re oceans distant
and it’s tearing me apart.

The way I feel is not described by words,
Chemical Boy, you are feeding my desire.

Just when I feel there’s so much to lose
it all falls away, and it’s lighting my soul on fire.
Without a trace my love is hidden away,
Chemical Boy, you are killing me inside.

Is this the way I wanted to
feel when my heart cracked a smile
when you walked in the room?
Oh, you’re not my guy
and it’s tearing out my heart.

He's the hardest thought to break
when I’m faced with love or death,
it’s true.
Chemical Boy, you are burning me inside.

The way I feel is helpless
though the feeling’s true.
Close off my heart,
this is killing me alive.

I know you don’t love me
but my love can’t subside.
This is my soul
and it’s open just for you.


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I know what you mean dude.

Yea... I know how that one feels. You did a great job on the poem!