commin out to mom

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omg.. what a wiered day.. ok.. i told them yesterday.. but yesterday i wasn't aloud on the computer... i had to put my stuff back into my room(all my stuff was downstairs cuz we painted it) aniways.. ya.. so i had to do that .. and my mom was pissed off at me for some reason.. i have no clue.. but i was pissed off at her to.. aniways.. as usual.. i got up and went into the shower and put my hair into a fo hawk(mo hawk with the sides not shaved) and when she got up arround 12 am..(i got up at 7) ..

mom: take your mo hawk out
me: no!!
mom: it makes you look like a freak
me: i am a freak mom
mom: i don't live with any freaks and if i do.. they get kicked out
me: don't pull that shit off mom.. you tried to kick me out b4 bcause of my hair and when i came back to get my soccer stuff.. you started sukin up to me ...
mom: well you wern't ready to get kicked out.. and don't change the subject missy.. why do you want to b a freak.. you r not a freak.. you are just trying to get attention and b differnt
me: ya mom.. i am a freak.. it wasn't the way i was brought up.. it is just who i am. and i'm not lookin 4 attention.. i'm trying to get attention.. i'm trying to lose attention.
mom: brianna!! your not a freak.. n stop pretending to b one.. it is getting you noweres in life
me: mom.. i'm proud of beying a freak. .and i am.. it is who i am.. and 4 you to judge me... or stariotype me.. just because of my hair.. i'm still the same person.. what ever how my hair is

phone rings mom answers it

mom:take your mo hawk out.. we r going to get your sister
me: mom!! i'm not taking my mo hawk out!!!!
mom: take it out.. we have to get your sister at caitlins house
me:i'm not taking it out
mom: it makes you look like a drugie, a guy, and not a nice person.. and it isn't who you r
me: mom you don't no who i am
me: fine *gives evil eye*

driving in the car to caitlin's house (pick up my sista)

we r still going on about how it makes me look like a freak... then she stoped by a vet clinic place...

mom: what makes you a feak brianna.. is it because of ppl when you were younger called you that
me: mom. it is who i am. n what do thouse ppl have to do with it aniwyas
mom: what makes you a freak?!
me: *silent 4 a few* .. mom you no what makes me a freak
mom: what?
me: WELL I AM GAY!! AND I'M PROUD OF IT.. that doesn't make me a freak... but.. i am freak weather you like it or not.. and i am a gay freak at that.( i was histarical laughing at this time .. 4 some reason ??)
mom: silent.. i'm disapointed in you
me: let's just go get brit..

ya.. that's basicly it.. but later on in the day when we were downstairs.. when my sister went with my dad to get groceries..( n i stil couldn't stop laughing ?? me scruud in the head.. i think so)
mom: your not gay
me: mom stop it you don't no
mom:your just saying that to get attention because you try and be differnt then everyone else
me:how do u no how i feel about ppl
mom:your just thinkin that
me: mom stop making decisions 4 me.. i'm my own person.. and your trying to contorl it like i'm some kind of romot control car... i need to make my own desicions.. and it is not going to scrue your life up.. so why do you care so much.. it would b my life that i'm scruying
mom: i still don't believe you
me: well.. that is your choice.. but i am.. i'm just telling the truth
mom: how long did you no
me:.. haha.. fist of this year
mom: why didn't u tell me sooner..
me: cuz i wasn't compleatly sure.. and.. plus i was afraid you were going to kick me out.. n plus i wasn't really ready
mom: .. i don't no what to say

timer goes off on the stove

she goes up stairs to turn it off.. and them my sis and dad come home.

well.. that is basicly it.. o ya.. sometime during this convo.. i called mike(my best guy friend) and i still coulndt't stop laughing.. i don't no why.. but what ever.. the thing he said the most was prolly what?.. because.. i couond't stop laughing :P.. aniways.. that's my story/journal


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omg nice atleast u told her..

omg nice atleast u told her.....


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Well could be worse. well done dear and good luck

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Wow. I'm sorry that you had t

Wow. I'm sorry that you had to go through that. But now it's done. Congrats!

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.