Computer problem. help???!!

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I have DSL and we're trying to hook my sisters' laptop up on it. So we plug it in directly to the DSL box... That doesn't work, I have internet on this computer, but she can't get internet... She got it for a second, then just like that it was gone... Anyone understand computers enough to give some advice on what to do? Would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


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did you load the soft ware for the DSL into the
laptop? If not that has to be done first.
Then unplug the dsl and wait 5 mins. hook up laptop
to dls and plug back in to the power. Follow the software
step by step to get the laptop to except the dsl.

As far as the internet use you windows disk and make
sure you have msn installed. Then go to help and
it should have a step by step instruction on setting
up a server in the laptop. If this does not work
get a hold of Jeff on here he is a computer tech.
and should be able to offer more suggestions.
You are Loved.