crush on my cousin

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I have to confess that I have a crush on my first cousin. I am 13(almost 14
and I recently saw my older cousin in the nude. I couldt stop staring and I
felt weird all over. I was wondering if is is wrong to feel that way. Thanks for

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Love Who You Want

It may just be the intensity of the sexual encounter that is fueling this love, but if you want to love your cousin, go ahead. No one should be limited in love.

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Go for it. I could never see

Go for it. I could never see anything in my cousins, but that doesn't mean you can't. I guess it would be like falling for a best friend, which MANY of us, including myself, have done. Plus, it's not illegal or anything, so you don't have to worry about that.

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It's okay to love your cousin

It's okay to love your cousin, but keep these two things in mind:

1) It's socially taboo
2) I think that you can't marry your cousin, and that (I have heard) sex with a first cousin is stil considered incest (second cousin's are fine...) not that sex would be involved anyway, just a heads up...

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Hey go for it. How much older is he than you?
(Most states now allow cousins to marry btw that in
responce to the comment below.) So did you have
to sleep in the same room with him for some reason?
let it happen if it does. Complement him on his "size"
is a good start. Tell him that you are not as big
as he is! Then ask "Just how big is it"? Have you
ever measured it? then grab your ruler and get on you
knees to measure him. One thing will usually lead
to another and fun is happening. Just remeber that
you need to practice safe sex. If you need further
advise msg me direct for one on one.
you are loved.

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dude...stay away from your cousin... first of all you share a bloodline, second it'll freak him out. MY cousin came onto me (of course she was female) and i can admit she is good looking, but she is still family and it was the freakiest thing that ever happened.

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*gosh* that is *weked* weard.

*gosh* that is *weked* weard... well if u like him just go for it, imeen if i had a hot cousin i will bang her every fucking day and i turn her gay. but i dont have a female causin.

yeah go 4 it..just try..

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i think you should admire, bu

i think you should admire, but from a distance, it's just not right, i have a very very hot cousin, but it's just...nah

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look mate, i dont mean to pat

look mate, i dont mean to patronise so dont take offence, but you are pretty young. i suspect its just the first rumblings of a sexuality you havent fully understood or explored yet. i doubt very much that its a real personal crush on your cousin, its just thats the first nude form of that kind you have seen at a confusing age. perhaps it portains to a side of you you havent thought about much but dont freak out about it, think about it and learn about yourself. its taken years for me to work myself out and im 20, so dont get too upset about this.
to offer advice, i wouldnt pursue the cousin thing since they wouldnt understand. just take it as an appreciation of the body type you saw, and go from there.