dashboard confessional is the best band ever...

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okay...it's 2:34 in the morning and i can't get to sleep. bad thing is, late at night, i get really paranoid, so i'm always a little one edge at this time of night.

thankfully, my sister's up too. i love her so much. she's the best. but so's my other sister as well. they both rock.


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I always get paranoid late at

I always get paranoid late at night too.....but it will only be for like an hour and then the next hour I will just be like "that was weird" haha! My night and day personalities are sooo different....like night and day, hey! My night personality feels more like the real me though, day me is boring and strained.

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Hmm. You too? The same thing

Hmm. You too? The same thing happens to me. Funny about that.

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