David Levithan

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Anybody here a David Levithan fan? He wrote "The Realm of Possibility," and "Boy Meets Boy," and a bunch of other books...

he's really good, in short. =)

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No. Would you recommend them?

No. Would you recommend them? Ok then. I'll try to find one. Always up for a good book!

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i love the realms of possibil

i love the realms of possibilty.
ive read it ten times already


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i love the Boy Meets Boys boo

i love the Boy Meets Boys book.

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Like the tv show?

Boy Meets Boy sounds interesting. I think I'll read it since they have it at the local library here.

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i like the cowboy better

i like the cowboy better

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i LOVE "boy meets boy" i ofu

i LOVE "boy meets boy" i ofund it one of the best books that i have ever read...besides the rainbow boys series

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god yes. my fag-hag gave me boy meets boy a couple years ago. i adore it. sooo good. a little strange how the entire town was gay though. it's not like that, and it kind of bothered me.

i love realm of possibiliy too, though it was a little hard to follow. everytime a character came up, i had to go look back at their chapters to remind myself who the hell anyone was talking about.

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boy meets boy

i love boy meets boy. its a good story, but mostly i like the way he writes and words things. perfection.

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