Dawn Child

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(It may not seem to be about gay issues, but it's really a *gasp* metaphor)!

Dawn Child

Rise, Dawn Child, rise, from your twilight durance
Spread your tendrils of flaming righteousness
And dissolve this hemisphere in brilliance
Absorb the darkness in awesome sunbeams
Then liberate souls trapped in raven glare
Embrace divinity in your ray’s grace
Teeming with angels in phoenix-orb guise
Shine, Dawn Child, shine, through darkness’ armament
For your golden arms breathe vigor in strife
Break the gloom with your impossible light
Birthed in infiniteness from glory’s womb
Glow fierce in pride at night’s western retreat
How silently shrieks its viperous heart!
Victory sparks true in your righteous core
A flare descried in eternity’s eye
Rest, Dawn Child, rest, for the battle is done
And your powers wax frail in nature’s light
Die to live for tomorrow’s fresh combat
And salvage these mortals from vile night’s hand
Rest my weary child, phoenix child, Dawn Child


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wow this was really good....i

wow this was really good....it was deep

"who said you need a bottle as an excuse to make out???"