Do you prefere to be

too warm
39% (17 votes)
too cold
61% (27 votes)
Total votes: 44


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I pose the question because i

I pose the question because in our current heatwave all I hear is people moaning they are too warm,however the rest of the year the same people moan about the cold weather.Just wondering which you peoples would choose.Me I love roasting my ass off!

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I Hate the cold

I absolutely hate the cold. Everday during the winter when i walk out to the car i just constantly bitch about how cold it is...and my best friend can vouch for that :P I do complain sometimes bout the heat but i would rather be complainin about it rather than the cold.
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I've actually thought about this before. I think about things like that...
Anyways, I said too warm because when you're warm, all you have to do is put on a fan or A/C and you're ok. When it's cold, sure you can put on more clothes and blankets, but the cold still gets through. Like in you toes and face. I hate that.

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I can tolerate more cold than

I can tolerate more cold than heat, but I prefer neither


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Sence I have asthma it is har

Sence I have asthma it is harder for me to breathe when it is warm so I pic cold out of defalt, but even if I didn't, I would still choose cold. I love snuggling up in blankets and stuff.

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Ok so I voted on too warm but

Ok so I voted on too warm but I love snuggling under blankets with people so I would really miss that alot. So now im thinking I should have choose too cold. I choose too warm though because my twin said she'd rather be too warm so she made me pick by the fact we're twins and well how could I choose diffrent lol.

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.. ya.. i'm all the way for t

.. ya.. i'm all the way for too cold.. but i would rather b normal temerature.. i find when you get to warm you lose energie.. and you feel all greasy and stuff.. but i love running in the heat.. it make's you feel good.. but.. still.. i rather b to cold the tooo hot.. .. but i do live in canada.. and the cold weather is awesome :P

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if you're too cold, you can p

if you're too cold, you can put on a sweater, if you're too hot, you can only take off so much clothing.
As for running, i'm all for running in the rain... my fave!

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I absolutely hate it when I'm

I absolutely hate it when I'm in a room, in a strapless dress, and it's FREEZING. I also can't stand my feet being cold.
I love warm.
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