Do you think the gay marriage ban should be alloud? Should gay couples have children?

yes they should be allowed marriage and thats all
5% (3 votes)
No to marriage, yes to children
2% (1 vote)
Marriage yes, children yes!
94% (58 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 62


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Although I dont think I'll be

Although I dont think I'll be married, they should definately be permitted and as for kids. I really want to have one someday.

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I'm not personally for or against gay marriage...

But I'd like it to be an option, if and when I am in a comitted relationship with my future boyfriend...As for kids, I have always wanted them, but I also don't think I will ever adopt a kid...As for conservatives thinking gays having kids turns the kids gay, well, that's just ridiculous.

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Gay parents turning kids gay

Yeah, that makes no sense. I mean, straight parents don't mean straight kids.

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If gay marriage is banned I'l

If gay marriage is banned I'll move out of the country.

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My take:

I am for equal rights for everyone, especially gays, considering that I consider myself gay. I believe that gay rights will be the next great civil rights struggle. As for kids, I hate 'em, but I wouldn't mind adopting an older kid (maybe 9 or older). I just really freak out during the "Why?" questions stage. It drives me InSaNe! But I know all of you guys seem to love 'em, and kids do have the potential to be fun. But those sticky little hands... GAH!!!

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my outlook on it...

... is that gay marriage should be permitted at least until all the gays can get married and then they can ban it. As for kids (this might sound weird) i have a kid who's name is Jayson and i'm only 15, but my last bf treated him like he was a king and it let me know that most guys are better with kids than they think. J is almost 6m now and i still love him even though he shits constantly.

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i'm goign to marry dumbo, bry

i'm goign to marry dumbo, brycey and justin and i'll have kids with dumbo, brycey and justin, they're goign to carry the babies coz i don't want to give birth, and they'll have to convert to judaism

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I think a clear yes to both

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Non-heterosexuals should be given the same opportunities under the law as heterosexuals. Some theorists say that gay marraige is conforming to gender roles that don't fit the homosexual model, but queers need that equality first before they decide to go on their own tangent. Just because marraige or children is an option doesn't mean you have to partake in it.

What about laws protecting against job discrimination, physical assault, or allowing GSAs and the like to meet?

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