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Does anyone else hate it when someone asks you "is there anything you want to talk about?...It always makes me want to just blurt out that I might be gay. One of my teachers asked me if I wanted to talk the other day and I really just wanted to let go and tell her about why I'm acting oddly. But I don't know her that well and I've never really talked to her before and if I did tell her it would just make going to that class that much more difficult.
The year is almost over so I'm thinking that I will just hold it in, but I'm afraid that in the summer I will have no one to talk to if I need it. I don't know if I should go talk to her or if I should just suck it up until summer and try to just deal with it myself. I don't like attention very much and I don't like teachers to "notice" me. But it might make it easier to do my work if I don't worry so much about what I am saying in it....I don't know what to do!

And from my other post when I was talking about coming out to one of my friends....I just don't think I can do that right now. I wish I could, but the only one I feel comfortable enough telling is the one I see the least and I enjoy our time together too much to ruin it with serious talk about my sexuality. So I think I might just try to start getting comfy in the closet for now.


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I hate that too, it's such a

I hate that too, it's such a sick horrible cruel joke when people ask you that and there is something wrong with you.

I think that not having someone to talk makes this whole sexuality discovery terribly frustrating and painful. I mean sure you'd always have us here on Oasis, but you can't be on Oasis 24/7. And it's a totally different experience when you actually hear yourself say whats on your mind as opposed to typing it. Stay in the closet if you think you need to, but I think "getting comfy in the closet" is a contradiction. The closet sucks ass.

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oasis runs all summer, so you always have us as a last resort.

while only you can determine your comfort level with talking about this, it seems you worry too much about their reaction as much as your having to tell them. Only worry about your half of the equation.

Also, why do you only feel a close friendship can exist if your friend doesn't know your authentic self? And, again, why wouldn't he want to be a true friend and why would your discussing your innermost truth "ruin" anything?

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Yeah, i hate that shit too...

It really annoys me, be it coming from a teacher, a psychiatrist or a counselor, or even a parent...It just gets on my nerves and I don't really trust anyone, so it is hard to tell ppl stuff...anyway, oasis will be here, as will I whenever you need to talk...feel free to message me anytime...hope it works out and you can tell your friend. later.

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It's terrible isn't it. Espec

It's terrible isn't it. Especially when they don't really want to talk about anything serious. Personally I think that this is the best time to come out at school because people still have contact with you for a while and then they have the whole summer to get over the shock. That's what I'm doing. But it's up to you. Good luck!

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So do you guys think I should

So do you guys think I should talk to my teacher about it? I don't really know her that well and I've never really talked to her before but she seems really nice and like she would be understanding....I don't really want to, but it might help....Ah, I wouldn't know how to say it anyway....