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last night my family and i were watching charlie and the chocolate factory on DVD. I was chatting the whoel way through the movie and i said ' god johhny looks gay in this flick!' and my 8 year old sister repeated what i said 'johnny looks gay jonhny looks gay' and my mums like "lisa-maree dont say g-a-y around your sister thats stereotyping, your always goping on about gay rights and now your stereotyping. DONT DO IT!" i said "yes mum" my sister go's 'whats gay mean?' and my mum glances at me then at my dad as if to say whos gonna say it?' so mumma finaly spoke up 'Gay is when you like somebody who is a girl or when yopur a girl, same with guys.' and then she added 'but being gay is not a bad thing'

hmm i wonder if i should tell my mum about me? what do u guys think? and what should i say?


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Maybe you should say somethin

Maybe you should say something about you being like Charlie? That might start the conversation but she would probably want/need an explination because that is kind of broad.
Good luck if you tell her, even if you don't it is still good news.
~Thank you for the memories, a keepsake in my heart.