eee college

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So I had a pretty crappy day, I ended up having to work the YEAH Club (GSA) table all day at the academic fair--classes were only fifteen minutes and i was excused from them anyway, so it was pretty much the entire school day. I was supposed to have another member helping me and i was only going to work in the morning and he had volunteered to be there all day, but he took off after 20 minutes and i missed all of the activities i wanted to do in the afternoon, like watch some friends debate and perform at assemblies.

Anyway so I just checked the mail and I had a letter from my admissions officer at Mills. She's pretty cool and one of the things that I love about Mills is that they keep in contact and are easily accessible when you have questions, some of the other schools that I applied to didn't respond to e-mails when I had questions and there was never anyone available when I called, which makes me glad that I decided to go to a smaller school that's more personal. Anyway i figured it was just some reminder about sending in my housing deposit, which i'm doing tomorrow, but it was an article about some of the nice neighborhoods in Oakland and it has all of these little sticky notes with comments and they're all hand written which is pretty neat--seeing as I've gotten so many computer generated things from Humboldt State recently and they don't seem to understand that I never sent in an enrollment deposit or accepted my scholarships....

So my day was considerably perked up from something positive and exciting, I guess I needed something to look forward to aside from writing my paper for spanish--in spanish and on the dirty war in argentina and the us's involvement, and my powerpoint in german and my english project. It's an obscene amount of work in three different languages and while it's cool that I'm becoming proficient enough to write things like complex essays in foreing languages...but it's still work and I am of the super lazy.

So I think I'll read the article which is like 7 pages long after I finish my powerpoint.

But yay, college and graduation and excitement!!!