Electrons unhinged

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Well, given the proliferation of poetry-posting at the moment, I thought I'd post some angsty gay poetry of my own. Wrote this last fall.

If I cannot have you
I will just love you
My heart warm, yellow-orange goodwill
In a basket, light shining through the holes

Oh, my gut still hasn’t accepted it. I can’t even feel down there, all the action is at my lungs, where it hurts for them to expand when they remember
your smile, arms, bracelets shiny bangles catching rays,
and how your hair frizzes out to grab the sunlight

But really I will just love you.
It’s OK. You don’t even have to say, your opaque blues are doing all the telling.
It’s OK it’s OK
I will revel in your glory in my heart, my organs lungs
simultaneously straining at hinges and caught in the wood
Maybe if I love hard enough electrons from my heart will scatter to yours and make you happy.


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whoa...that was beautiful.

you haven't happened to be living in my heart the past year or so have you? this is so insightful and gorgeous.

definite kudos.

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That hits me right in the chest...the place where poetry floods in and sloshes around until I think it's unhealthy for me.

That was beautiful. Unrequited love is tragic, but then, we all knew this. You make it a pretty thing. :)