Entering into a poetry contest... What do you guys think of this one?

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I'm going to enter in a poetry contest but I don't know what to enter. I could enter part of the I love you, that I've already showed you all or I could enter this one. Or I could enter something else that I have yet to write. Read this and tell me what you guys think!

No one knows how I feel
How to hook the bait, cast, or even reel
No one knows how to talk to me
But if they would pay attention they would see
There is no reason to fear
For I will always be here
Sitting, writing and hoping
Watching the one I love gloating
About how he turned away the goth one
And said how he had so much fun
Well, that sad and lonely "goth one" is me
Sitting high and alone in a tree
Waiting for the day that he will see
The person that is really me

I dunno, I got bored. I think I may enter that into a poetry contest if it's good enough. Think I should?


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Sure. You might as well. Mayb

Sure. You might as well. Maybe you'll win. Good luck!

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yeah buddy

You should!! Your poem is good, but I
mostly think you'll win cause not many
people enter those things.
Good luck!!

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon