Evil Godot Paper/College

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I feel I should update on the evil Godot paper that I bitched about. I got a B. I don't think I deserved a B, it's an AP class and I was rather anticipating a D, or maybe a C-, but I got a B. I find this pretty damn amazing.

So, I've been talking to MB from Mills College recently, she's back home for the summer and wants to meet up at some point before summer ends...even though when it ends we're going to the same place.... She also wanted to know if I knew R who's going to be starting there this fall as well, I think she might want all three of us to do something/meet/idunno in one place, but I only know of R and have never met her.

I think it's kind of interesting that three people from my high school, which has an average graduating class size of about 360+-, will be attending the same private womens college. MB graduated last year and I think that R graduated two or three years ago because MB doesn't seem to really know her either and seemed to think I could connect them.

I only know of MB because she's a friend of L who is the older sister of my best friend M, and is also a friend of K and he was the one that told her I was on myspace and coerced us into making contact.

So I may have a sort of ready made friend when I get to school, if nothing else I'll have at least one person that I sort of know which is cool.

So a B on the Godot paper, that's pretty rockin considering how awful I think it is.

Graduation on the 16th and my crazy aunt is not coming and bringing a bunch of people which means I can do Safe and Sober and just kick back.