For Oliver James

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I am just on my way home from The Print Works, beside the campus.
It is really strange feelings right now. It has been really hard to write about
this guy or to think about him. Since he moved in across the hall, I always
sensed somethings like a crush on this man. I spent wildly promiscous summer
with loads of people on the scene, but I over looked his guy and his genuiety.
Oliver James, is possible the guy that kept me going after my loving but yet disasterous
affairs with KennyD, Marc and the scene are ended. Oli is moving out this weekend
, although he is going to be around the corner. I once again have to come home
to an empty apartment.

The whole things began as a crush, we talked about it. He is not interested, but
he still keeps talking to me like nothing ever happened. He didn't use the fact
that I have been, and possible am still attracted to him to hurt or manipulated me.
True I am still day dreaming about "US" being together sometimes, but my rational self
would not wanna to change whatever we're enjoying right now for the universe
I am gonna have to move on really quickly, hopefully I'll get a job and a new
apartment. The only thing that would remain is our friendship. Oliver thanks for
everything if you happen to read this at some points, whereever you still have
a place here in my heart as friend and nothing more.


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I like it

I like it. Oliver, wherever you are, you better read this

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Sweetie like I said he's around the corner

...shhh better be quiet. Keep it a crush, it will feel really special when I look back and have a giggle about.

I don't think The Johns' wedding picture really describe you; i suggest chage it.