"gay? fine by me" t-shirt project

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Has anyone ever done a "gay? fine by me" drive at their school/church/community? http://www.finebyme.org/ If you've never heard of it, it involves giving out t-shirts that read "gay? fine by me." and all wearing them the same day. I want to do one next year at my school, and I was wondering if people had any comments/suggestions/feedback. If no one's done it, try it!

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sounds like a great idea

I haven't done it and this is the first time I've heard of that, but it sounds like a great idea. Thanks for bringing it up, and I definately think you should do it. I may certainly look into that at my University this upcoming year.

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im not really sure about those kind of t-shirts. not to be a wrench in the gears, but there are some people who will take that to mean that they should care if people are okay with them being gay or not. and they shouldnt. who cares what they think? its not like someone else being gay is going to affect them. im just saying that people can be very sensitive and sometimes take things too literally. thats all.

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