GIRLY GIRL! - how i describe myself.

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okay let it be known with no mistake, i am a 'girly-girl' I do almost everything to fit into this catorgory. i curl my hair, i straighten it too. I wear eyeshadow and lipgloss (but not that icky stiky stuff, i have a tube of gloss thats high in shine and low in stick.)

Party dresses and mini-skirts, jeans and singlet tops, G's and pink playboy socks! Shoes and dresses, sandals and sneakers, killer heals and handbags, you name it i've got it and i love it!

Gucci, louis vuiton, von dutch, chloe, Moschino, Miu Miu, Tsubi too! These labels fill my cupboards galore!

Perfumes and scents are a breeze with designer labels upon my shelves. From Brittany to elisabeth arden, to Deore to Madam Butterfly you name it i own it all!

Nail polish in every colour you could think of. From pink to purple to green and red, to blue to clear to white and gold, Silver to black to sparkly blue every colour, every shade, every glitter, im bound to have it, next to my vanity mirror.

I go shopping every second day to add to my collection of designer labels 'to shay'. i do play sport but HEY! Cheerleading is girly and a hole lot of fun skirts and pom poms it is a lot of work! I play netball 'n' dance. I go to the gym whenever i have the chance. That chance arises every third day.

Shopping, family and friends girls and girls, sport and lipgloss, dreses and perfume come to think about it i really DO love my life!


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That's good that you can find something
to be so happy about...

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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i'm the complete opposite. i only own dresses and skirts because i have to for band. i wear tennis shoes, pants, and a baggy t-shirt. *nod nod*

glad you are so happy with yourself

Loving is believing the one you love