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Okay, so as you all know I told my friend Sam about me being BI and totally in love with one of our classmates, Monica! Arrrgh the name gives me butterflies… Monica Monica Monica! Heheheh yes well! I told Sam and ever since then she’s been questioning me,
‘What’s so good about her?’

‘her everything!’

‘Oh, she’s really skinny’

‘I can live with that, she’s perfect’

‘right… well you know there are plenty other girls, why her?’

‘Because she’s the one that stands out from the crowd.’

‘Yes, well I think your being stupid, there’s plenty other pretty girls, why Monica?’

‘Sam get over it okay? I DON’T lie anyone else, Monica is the only one I actually do like’
‘yeah but WHY????’

‘OK OK FINE!, im in love with Monica because of her everything, the way she’s shy, the way shes bright and bubbly, the way she smiles talks and laughs, her walk, her stand, EVERYTHING, the way she acts, god ok Sam get over it, I love Monica.’

‘God Lisa, all im saying is, there’s lots of other girls that we know are bi that WOULD go out with you.


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Sounds like Sam, though she can be annoying, likes you...and I have to admit, u were being kind of a bitch...I mean, calling your friend fat to her face? That seems a little harsh...But at least Monica threw u a glance, that might be a good thing...

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thats harsh lol :/ oh well

thats harsh lol :/ oh well

she's why im here

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meow lisa u = hoe love ya a

meow lisa u = hoe
love ya

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I think what you said to your

I think what you said to your friend was pretty horrible. She was just trying to help, and if she actually does like you, right now you've probably made her feel like a piece of shit.

How can you hold someone being allergic to lipgloss against them?!

If you want people to accept YOU in life you'd better start accepting them for who they are, or you're going to run out of friends AND not get the girl you're crushing on.

No offense meant. I'm just saying.. think about how you treat others. "Beauty" is on the inside too.

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well im just simply not into her, shes not like me, i mean hello i wouldnt be able to even kiss sam, WHY? Becoz shes allergic to lipgloss... and lipgloss is like a best friend too me!!! heehhehehe, oh its not that harsh... is it?!!?! hehe at least she no's the truth now, and i did say it in a polite kind of way....

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ouch omg thats so mean lol.....u shouldnt call ur friends fat....wow i feel sorry for poor sam...lol.....wait she doesnt play sports ewwwww so gross .how does she keep in shape haha

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EWWWWWW i dont want to know..

EWWWWWW i dont want to know... thou she dosnt keep in shape shes fat lmao....