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Tomorrow is graduation, finally, and I have absolutely no wise sage sounding advice to give to current high school students because I think that's all a bunch of crap and feel hardly any more mature than I did at fourteen when I was a freshman--granted I've acknowledged that I'm gay, but other than that...nothing.

If it wasn't for my family coming up for the ceremony part I don't think I'd even bother to walk, all I really want to do at this point is sleep.

My German teacher gave all of her seniors roses today which was kind of neat, I think that she has about ten or eleven of us. I put it in a vase on my desk, my room is all nice and clean now so it doesn't look super weird and out of place.

Gah, I have to get up early tomorrow so that I can go to graduation practice for two hours of sitting in a chair and waiting for my name to be called and listening to my classmates make ridiculous speeches about how high school encompassed the best years of their lives...right, God I hope not.

I'm just so glad to be done with school, no more public education system for me!


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Hey good luck enjoying your g

Hey good luck enjoying your graduation ceremony. I am glad I am no more in high school, I guess you'll be glad too.
One thing that can be fun to do at such occasions like graduation ceremonies (if one does not care too much about most of the other people and the ceremony) is watch the people and how they do their genders. At least I can entertain myself with that. Like, if a girl holds her official speech, imagine she were a boy and behaved exactly the same way, how would it look differently? I sometimes see girls speaking in public, and they seem really very confident and secure. And then I imagine them to be boys and all of a sudden they seem really insecure and shy.

Liebe Grüße, und viel Spaß im Leben das nach der High School kommt.

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I know how you feel people go

I know how you feel people go on and on and on and i keep thinking god i am going to have such a better life now that i am finally out of school, and how come you guys all graduateso early i am still writing exams and don't have grad until the end of the month. But anyway good luck and have fun..drink lots and party hard

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Well, I start school in mid A

Well, I start school in mid August and we're one of the last schools in the state/U.S. to hold our graduation thing. I'm actually going to safe and sober afterward which is an all night alcohol free graduate party thing with tons of free gifts and laser tag and so forth.

There's another party saturday though.....

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Why on earth would you want to act mature on your graduation? You go to the pub instead and get utterly pissed

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Best wishes for the future...Collage next?
No need to be too serious on grad day...My class
wore only undies under our robes and then at the
last thing we all lined up and mooned the faculity
as we walked out of the auditorium...was so kewl
all these bums hanging out...and I got to see
Ted Wagnors you know what as he was naked under his
robe...had such a crush on him...oh hummm (sigh)
those were the days.

again Congrats.
oldfox bob. ;-)

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You have to practice?! Wow. W

You have to practice?! Wow. Well, good luck. Have fun without school to worry about for a while.

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