had a good day

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I had 2 exams today, I went really bad on my second one, put me in a shitty mood.. but not for long! I'm at the station checking at my phone, and there's a message from my lovely friend (the girl I sent my letter to) she says that she's gonna definetely write back to my letter as soon as she can and that the [insert my fav band here] are coming to Melbourne and says we should go together! I was heaps stoked coz I didn't even know they were touring, and on top of that she isn't treating me any different after that letter. What a champ.

I was so excited while on the train and was messaging Timmy about the gig, I didn't realise the ticket inspector/copper was asking me for my ticket. I showed him my ticket but he reported me for having my feet on the seat! What a tosser, but I couldn't care less at the time coz I was in la la land. Yes I'm hardcore, broke the feet on the seat law.

So yeah I was smiling like an idiot all the way home. I had to wait on the street corner at the lights to cross the road and these two buses stop right in front of me. Full of 16 year old school girls, they're all waving at me so I acknowledge them twice and after that I was like oh god, can they just drive off already, it's geting a bit awkward. Funny, I've never had that much girl attention before, a bit young though haha. Yeah.. so still waiting by my letter box for that letter, but I think it's all good, just curious about what she might've written. Oh my god, my sister just called and told me the fine for having your feet on the seat is $150!! Get fucked! Aw, unless he just gave me a warning, he didn't mention anything about fines. That is so stupid. Well it still can't ruin my day, I'm on such a high!


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:) yay!

I'm glad you had a happy day!

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