...hate people who do this

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i was in class the other day talking to my friend about our hw, and this girl thats sitting in front of me, looks at me then holds her book up so i couldnt see her and says something to her friend and laughs...im not stupid, i know she was talking about me, and what makes me more irked is the way she always looks at me now like she knows im bi and is going to do something to me...oh plz like i care if she tells people its just nerving that shes not gonna get to know me before she labels me...


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I really hate that too, excep

I really hate that too, except as a gay boy that usually doesn't happen to me via girls and if so they're my friends! :o But think of it this way: for all you know she could be bi/les and really be scoping you out! You can never be 100% sure someone was talking about you either. Last year I got really paranoid and even though I was very sure a lot of people would whisper names about me there's no way of knowing and if people really dislike you they'll usually be outright mean. That still sucks, be who you are though, and someday you'll be able to look them in the eye and ask them what's so funny and if they ask anything of you you can be honest if you please.

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.

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he's right

Disney is right. Also just to let you know that
statisticly speaking, those who are so against
gay people have the highest tendencies to be gay
themselves. Thats a fact. So Good luck with her
one way or the other.

You are Loved.

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thnx and i agree with the sta

thnx and i agree with the statistic but im not gonna let her get to me if she is or not gay...because im me, no one can change me even a girl like her no matter what she does...

thnx again :)

"life as you think can never get easier, but whats easier than being BI and having the best of both worlds?"