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Well me and my boyfreind...well...ex boyfreind know where together for a year and 3 months..He broke up with me excaly 2 weeks ago and 3 days and i have felt like my life has crushed down on me.I need help on this because i need to hear what other people have to say about this...Well me and him had an awsome realationship ofcourse we had are ups and downs but we where awsome together we werent just lovers but best freinds to awsoem communication ...same interst ect...well bedore we broke up for two days things where weird may i let u guys know i have a strong attiude and yes i fight alot but he meet me that way and has always love me that way...well it was a sunday afternoon when i was to cuious to wait till moday(school) for him to talk to me as he had mentioned on saturday...so i just asked him and he said "look babe i love u but we fight to much and thigns arent the same" i asked him if he was breaking up with me and he replyed yes...i did the most awful thang cryed on the phone yelled begging gim to stay...To make the story shorter a week past and i said to myself dame i so fight i cant let this go liek this so on a tuesday i talked to him basicly he couldnt look me in the eyes and he'll do is insist that no iam not gonna change he isnt either it just not gonna work out...So my mentally changed basiclly that wasent the real reason he broke up with me cuz if it was he would atleast tryed to work it out remeber it was a year n 3 months realationship...So basiclly to my understanding i think its his freinds telling him guy what are u doing ur young what are u doing with the same girl..go party...blah blah...and so he did it...i know he misses me and i know he loves me because i just know..and iam playing my cards right by showing him i could live without him and that i dont need him and that hes missing out on alot...But i would like to know what you guys and gals think...please comment back..i'll apriciate it!!!

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You've come this far.

I think you should keep on trying to move on. Even if he did break up with you because of his friends influence, is that the kind of person you wanna be with anyway?

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I believe the phrase,"Save a horse, ride a cowboy," is in order.

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That sucks but you will get o

That sucks but you will get over it. It may not seem like it but you will. Until then I would suggest talking to someone around you. Or you could mail me if you want. Good luck!

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i think you should just get o

i think you should just get over him, i can tell you how too, i did it very recently too, watch the movie amelie! lol, i'm being serious! oh, and under no circumstances should you let him sleep over on tuesday night after several hours of modernism and postmodernism study and a steak dinner with red wine...that would just get you to where i am!