help god help!!!

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i don't no whats wrong with me.. everyone disapeared.. no1 likes me.. it seams like.. i'm gone.. no1 sees me they used to.. the only ppl that exepted me for me.. r pissed off at me.. for. some really odd reason prolly i don't no why.. i just found out tht my grandmother has cancer.. and.. i have no1 to tell.. cuz no1 cares.. no1 givees a god danm second of there time to help me.. they try.. but then.. i usually lose them to.. and then.. all that help they gave me is worth nothing.. i just dono't no what to do animore.. everything.. has gotton to rock bottom.. i can't even go to a concert with my friend.. and there isn't even alcohol that is going to b there... i just don't no animore.. thax who ever is the god.. or what evr ppl blieve in that school is almost over.. and i don't have to put up with more dramatic stupid fights all my so called friends are having.. it pissed me off that we all can't b friends.. and there has to b stupid fights.. and i just wish all the fighting will stop.


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hope u get better..... A D

hope u get better.....


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Hey man, it's okay...

I feel the same way every day, although all my grandparents are dead....JUst hang in there, get drunk if you want to, though I wouldn't suggest it and try to work things out w/ ur friends...I have bad luck w/ pissing people off somehow too...feel free to message me if you want...hope u feel better. later.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Hey well what can i tell you...i've learned the hard way that theres no freinds in this world only ur parents and sometime sur siblings and belive it or not yeah u might have luck finding a best freind but the posibilities are 1 out of 10...So just hang out there and relax give everything time things dont always go ur way plus maybe u should meet and hang around new ppl nexy year doesnt mean u have to ingore the old but new is always better at times!! I just wish u the best of luck wit everything and dont try anything me if u need sum1 to talk too! well laterz!!!

.:.AlwayZ SmilinG.:.