Hey First Day Waz Great!!!

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cheerleadin was fun we learn some cheers and a dance,to pump it, and lunch break was even greater me and my crush was jus havin fun and stuff ,she my bestfriend, and well so like it start wit me goin over to her and playin around she started to like get me in a head lock and i pushed her up against the wall wit her behind me she lets go then kicks me so we were play fightin then laterz she was showin me this room upstair where we were and it was dark when we got up there like pitch dark so i sed i was scared ,which is true i dont like bein in the dark unless im in a bed, and she walked away from to turn the light on and i sed dont leave me im scared so she sed follow me and im like i cant see u and then she sed hold my hand and i was like wow ,cuz like she knows im bi and she some what comfortable wit it, so like yeah today was great and fun we got cheerleadin camp tommorow so tell ya tommorow!!!


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lucky, i totally wish i was a

lucky, i totally wish i was a cheerleader, cuz my crush is a cheerleader, she is bi, and they have cheer camp sometime, i don't know when i never remember stuff, i just totally wish i could have an experience like that with her, i have been somewhat alone with her in the past, but not really, and it was only once, i wish i could go back and do it all over again, instead of talking about marrying a giant, we would talk about crushes, and girls, and boys, and i would kiss her like i had the urge to so many times while we were talkin, and was just watchin her lips move.

homophobics are people who are homosexual or have had homosexual experiences in the past, and don't want to admit it, or are insecure about who they are