how come the first kiss stays longer then all the other ones

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I find that the fist kiss stayes longer then all the other ones.. well of corse the girl that i kissed first i had feelings for her.. so that wasn't a smart thing to do. to french someone you really like.. for the first kiss like that.. but.. like.. all the other girls i kissed.. is like.. there was nothing. .well of corse i didn't really care about them that much.. they were just friends.. n we were just having fun.. but what do you think ????

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sounds like your first kiss is more memorable because there was emotion behind it, and the others didn't have that.

So, it isn't the kiss that is the metric but your feelings for the person when you kiss them.

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I agree with Jeff

It is the emotion that makes the diff.
The others as you said were in fun. No attachment
but now that there is someone you "care" about
it is diff and loving. Something TO remember.
Good luck
you are loved.