How Do I Get Over This person??

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hey so yeah i have this person i really like and i told 3 of friends and they all like say i should tell the person like the day before i go on a 7 day cruize and i say i should jus get over her and then maybe tell her or not but she bestfriend and if i try to not be around then she be like r u mad and ill be like no then shell be like so why arent u like hangin wit me or talkin to me then ill be like cuz im busy or some other lie. but its hard to get over her cuz i like like almost evrything bout her, her laugh, her smile, the way she acts when she mad, the way she acts when she giddy, and the way she all like dont cus around me, or the facts she really ticklish, and many other things.i mean and i get mad or jealous when she wit her boyfriend or when she hang wit her other bestfriend who is like a slut (she was messin around wit the guy my bf wants to go out wit now!!)so im like why is she more wit her than me and so yeah do ya think i should tell her or get over her?,then wat is the best way to get over her??