I am feeling unattractive right now

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I don't know what'd been happening in my mind, I am feeling really unattractive right now. I don't wanna meet anybody new, because I afraid that I am not hot enough and I haven't looked after myself well enough.


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aww, sweetie, we all feel lik

aww, sweetie, we all feel like that sometimes. I know I do. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that anyone could ever think you were beautiful...but someone does, and more people will. The feeling will pass eventually. :)

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Aww... Trust me, I've felt li

Aww... Trust me, I've felt like that before. The secret is to be confident. People get cues off you on how to act. If you are confident with your body, then others will be, too. Just be confident and don't worry. It'll be fine, trust me. :)

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It's very hard to tell how hot you are. Show us a photo and we'll judge for you. Seriously - your probably not as un-hot as you think you are. And you do sound nice. Hell, I'd date you

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"