i called her

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i called her... we she didnt answer... then she called me back! i answered and we talked for like an hour... we talked about life, religion, pda, homophobia, our personal goals... everything... then she told me how much she missed me... and i told her how she made me go into a small heart attack... she laughed and she said that she was having a hard time too... then i asked her if she wanted to go hang out sometime... and she asked me if i was ready for a relationship... and i told her i am... and she goes good... then she said pixie will you be my girlfriend... i cant stop thinking about you... i truly think i am in love with you... i couldnt speek... i sat there for like 5 mins 100% speechless... and if you know me at all thats not like me... she smiled and said that she was sorry for getting all serious and everything... and i told her not to apologize and then i told her that i would love to go out with her... so tomorrow night... we are going out at her boat to watch the fireworks... i cant wait... i dont know what to wear... im so girly... but she likes me she really likes me... yay go me... im sorry im just soo happy right now...

my friends dont understand... my one i smacked her acrossed the face because she called me a dyke lover... (im not exactly out yet im comming out slowly but surly) i smacked my bestfriend told her that i am a dyke lover... and that she needs to deal with it... and she said okay... then like 2 mins later she said that her face hurt... and that im not sleeping in the same bed as her anymore... i laughed and told her shes not my type...


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aww, congratulations! That's

aww, congratulations! That's so sweet! Good job. =)

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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Thats sooo great!! YAY!

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congratulations! that's reall

congratulations! that's really great! i am glad that you told your friend that it was a nasty comment. my friends are always makind gay jokes around me but i think it's just because they slip, not to be intentional. but again, congratulations! i hope you and your new girlfriend are really happy together!:)

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