I Came Out To My Friend Last Nite

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ive told 3 people that im bi and the third i told her last nite on the fone cuz like i was talkin and then i jus found my self sayin im bi and she goes i knew it and im like gosh people can read me too well cuz my first bestfriend asked me and i sed yes then i told my second friend and she was like ok but she had asked me bout it and i had sed no cuz like she is ok wit it but doesnt like talkin bout it and she the girl i have a crush on. but i cant talk to none of them cuz like they r ok wit it but i cant really talk to them bout it except the first on i told i can but not as much as i would like too. so yeah i need someone to talk to !?


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ow thats so awsome and yeah it suxs..not to have ur friends listen to what u have to say..well good luck in the futer

i rather be hated for what i am then to be loved for some thing im not